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Celcom First Postpaid Plan


Since Maxis launched the first Unlimited Call and SMS plan in Malaysia year ago – MaxisOne 128, followed by DiGi SmartPlan Unlimited and U Mobile Hero Postpaid, finally Celcom has launched its own Unlimited plan – Celcom First Gold, and recently it has revised from RM 100 to RM 80 per month (plus GST 6%).

Plan First Blue First Gold
Monthly Fees RM 45 RM 80
Package Includes
Call (All Networks) 50 minutes Unlimited
Charging Block 30 seconds
SMS (All Networks) 50 SMS Unlimited
Monthly Internet 2 GB 5 GB
Weekend Internet 500 MB x 4 1.25GB x 4
WiFi Plus N/A 5 GB
Carry Forward Unused Internet 2 GB 4 GB
Exceed Quota
Call (All Networks)  RM 0.20/minute Free
Charging Block 30 seconds
SMS (All Networks) RM 0.20/SMS Free
Monthly Internet Throttle 64kbps
Other Features
Internet Bonus
Total bill (excluding roaming charges) exceeds RM100 and above 500 MB
Total bill (excluding roaming charges) exceeds RM220 and above 1 GB
Total bill (excluding roaming charges) exceeds RM225 and above 1 GB
Total bill (excluding roaming charges) exceeds RM500 and above 2 GB 2 GB
Supplementary Line FIRST 1+5
Auto Debit / Auto Billing 5% off total bill

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Celcom First Postpaid Plans


Celcom First is the only plan among the market that give the customer extra call and sms/mms usage or internet data, based on their usage, Celcom will auto allocate either optimiser call & sms or optimiser internet data.

Celcom First

Plan First One First Basic 85 First Elite
Monthly RM 68 RM 85 RM 235
Bundled Usage
Call (All Networks) 60 minutes 100 minutes 200 minutes 200 Minutes
Charging Block 30 seconds
SMS (All Networks) 60 SMS 100 SMS 200 SMS 200 SMS
Internet Data 2 GB 2 GB 3 GB 3 GB
Celcom WiFi N/A 2 GB 3 GB 3 GB
Optimiser Call & SMS
Call (All Networks) N/A 600 minutes Unlimited N/A
Charging Block N/A 30 seconds N/A
SMS (All Networks) N/A 600 SMS Unlimited N/A
Optimiser Data
Internet Data N/A 3 GB 2 GB N/A
Celcom WiFi N/A 3 GB 2 GB N/A
Other Features
Carry Unused Internet N/A Max 2 GB Max 3 GB Max 3 GB
Exceed Quota Speed throttled 64 kbps
Supplementary Line
N/A First 1+5
Monthly RM 68 RM 85 RM 235

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Which Telco Offers the Best Value iPhone 6 Plan

Finally Celcom has revealed its iPhone 6 & 6 Plus plan nearly 30 hours prior to official launch of iPhone 6 & 6 Plus in Malaysia. To refresh you, Maxis was the first telco revealed its plan followed by DiGi, and both of them are taking pre-order since 30th October. And a comparison post to compare DiGi vs Maxis was published few days ago.

Best Value iPhone 6/6 Plus Plan

As we promised, comparison for all 3 telcos (Celcom, DiGi & Maxis) is brought to you here. 🙂  However, you might curious why iPhone 6 Plus is not present in the comparison chart. Regardless iPhone 6 or 6 Plus being used for comparison, actually both results did not affect the general point of view, so for shorter post, I pick only iPhone 6 as example.

Since Celcom is the last mobile operator to reveal its iPhone 6/6 Plus offer, logically they should be the best offer telco, because they have extra time for their actuaries & marketing team to design a better strategy. But will Celcom really beat DiGi & Maxis? Let’s check the comparison chart below:

Compare the Introductory Plan of Celcom, DiGi & Maxis

Telco Celcom DiGi Maxis
Plan Prime iDiGi 50 iValue Simple
Monthly Fee RM 78 RM 50 RM 50
Bundle Usage
Calls to All Networks 266 units 50 minutes 200 minutes
SMS to Own Network 200 SMS 100 SMS
SMS to Other Networks
Mobile Internet 2.05 GB 2 GB 1 GB
Exceed Quota Charges
Call to Own Network RM 0.15/minute RM 0.15/minute RM 0.12/minute
Call to Other Networks RM 0.20/minute
SMS to Own Network RM 0.15/SMS RM 0.10/SMS RM 0.05/SMS
SMS to Other Networks RM 0.15/SMS
Exceed Quota Block Speed Throttle
12 Months Contract Total Cost*
16 GB RM 2,814 RM 2,765 RM 2,849
64 GB RM 3,154 RM 3,100 RM 3,179
128 GB RM 3,494 RM 3,435 RM 3,519

*Exclude the advance deposit and stamp duty (RM10). Advance deposit was not included because it will be refund in your first month bill as well, so it would not affect the total cost.

Celcom vs DiGi vs Maxis

– DiGi has the lowest total 12 months owning cost, however it offer the least call minute and the sms only to its own network, which is not very attractive.

– If we excluded DiGi, and in this situation – Celcom vs Maxis, If your call destination across all networks, call > sms and rarely send out sms, then Celcom would be your best choice, provided coverage are almost similar. Besides that, Maxis only give 1 GB data, which might not sufficient in this new era.

– In overall, I’ll pick Celcom > DiGi > Maxis.

– However, in the following situation, DiGi > Celcom > Maxis:

  • MNP to other telco, then MNP back to DiGi, enjoy 100 minutes and 100 SMS to all networks, sum up will get 150 minutes to all networks, which consider worth than the current iDiGi 50 for existing DiGi subscribers.

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