Celcom First Postpaid Plan – Update May 2017

Celcom First is the latest postpaid plan of celcom. Now unlimited call plans are trending in Malaysia since Maxis One. Average monthly fees for unlimited calls plans are aroung RM 80, so the only competition is how much data they can offers.

Let’s check Celcom First Postpaid plan details.

First Plan Blue Gold Gold Plus Platinum
Call to All Networks 50 minutes Unlimited
SMS to All Networks 50 RM 0.20/SMS Unlimited
Weekday Data 2 GB 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB
Weekend Data 2 GB 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB
Carry Forward Data 1 GB N/A
Anyday GB RM 10/month to combine weekday & weekend data
Exceed Charges
Call to All Networks RM 0.20/min Free
SMS to All Networks RM 0.20/SMS
Data throttled down to 64kbps, capped 15 GB
Yander Music Free 12 months
WhatsApp Free
WeChat Free
iFlix Free 12 months
Foreigner Deposit RM 500
Credit Limit RM 250 RM 400 RM 1,000
Monthly Fee RM 45 RM 80 RM 98 RM 150
GST 6% RM 2.7 RM 4.80 RM 5.88 RM 9
Total RM 47.7 RM 84.80 RM 103.88 RM 159


Official link for:

  1. First Blue
  2. First Gold
  3. First Gold Plus
  4. First Platinum

After that, we will compare all telco postpaid plans in the near future to give you a guide on which to choose.

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2 thoughts on “Celcom First Postpaid Plan – Update May 2017”

  1. Bagi lah sms pun percuma, plan dulu pun boleh bagi percuma. Dah jadi tidak seronok guna rangkaian celcom.

    1. Kenapa sms perlu berbayar, janganlah disebapkan whatsapp, wechat dan lain-lain percuma sms perlu berbayar. Bukannya semua tempat ada rangkaian internet, sms juga yang orang banyak guna untuk berhubung termasuk saya. Menjadi satu beban pula, mohon celcom mempertimbangkan agar sms pun tidak berbayar. Terima kasih

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