Celcom Revised & Increase Prepaid SMS Rate


If you are Celcom prepaid subscribers, you should have know current Celcom prepaid plan is XPAX24. Although the current one is XPAX24, but if you’re X2 or Xpax (15pax) subscribers, you’re allowed to maintain your current plan until further notice or whenever you want to convert to XPAX24.

I understand why you want to keep your current plan instead of converting to XPAX24, especially 15pax, because 15pax gives (soon will become history) you RM 0.005/sms to the numbers belongs to Celcom networks.


However, effective from 2nd October 2014 onwards, all previous/old Celcom prepaid plans sms rate will be increased to RM 0.02/sms to Celcom networks and RM 0.08/sms to other networks. The new rates are same as the current XPAX24.

Based on the current rate of 15pax (RM 0.005) and new rate (RM 0.02), the new price raise 300%. Doesn’t matter you accept or not, new rate will be taking effect on 2nd October, unless you MNP to other telcos.

Official statment – http://www.xpax.com.my/page/best_sms_price

So, is Celcom prepaid still giving you the best sms rates in town? What’s your opinion? Share with us by leaving your valuable comments below. 🙂

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