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It seem every attractive that Xpax24 is offering free calls and free facebook surfing. But how great is it? Worth or not? Let’s me analyze it for you.


Call to all networks (mobile or fixed line in Malaysia) is RM 0.28/ every 3 minutes.

SMS to Celcom network cost RM 0.02/sms while to other non Celcom networks cost RM 0.08/sms sent.

All about Free Calls

Every 3 chargeable calls (or equivalent to minimum RM 0.84 spent on 3 calls), you will get 3 Free calls credit to ONLY Celcom network. 3 Free calls mean:

  1. 3 charging block / 9 minute max
  2. valid for 1 hour after receive sms confirmation, however must spend before 11.59pm.
  3. max 10 times free call credit (equal to 30 calls or 90 minutes max)

All about Free Facebook

Besides that, every 3 chargeable calls (or equivalent to minimum RM 0.84 spent on 3 calls) will earn you 30MB of facebook surfing credit, but subject to the following conditions:

  1. Only valid at m.facebook.com (mean apps not accepted)
  2. valid for 1 hour after receive sms confirmation, however must spend before 11.59pm.
  3. max 10 times free facebook credit (equal to 300 MB max)

You can send sms ‘XHELP‘ to 28882 to check your free calls and facebook validity.

Mobile Internet Plans

4 mobile internet plans are available for XPAX24, which are:

Plan Chat Social Monthly Pay Per Use (PPU)
Charges RM 5 RM 10 RM 38 RM 0.10/10kb
Capped RM 10/day
Volume 50 MB 150 MB 1.5 GB 1000kb + 30 MB
Validity Follow XPAX24 account validity 30 days – n/a –
FREE WiFi at any Celcom WiFi Hotspot/Zone 500 MB – n/a –
Free WiFI Validity 30 days – n/a –
4G LTE – n/a – – n/a – yes unknown

To subscribe:

  • send MI5 to 28882 for Chat
  • send MI10 to 28882 for Social
  • send MI38 to 28882 for Monthly Plan

send MI BAL to 28882 to check balance

Credit validity & Reload

Amount Validity
RM 5 – RM 9 3 days
RM 10 – RM 19 7 days
RM 20 – RM 29 15 days
RM 30 and above RM 1 = 1 day

Grace period after credit validity is 50 days, day 51 all balance and number will be terminated.

You can purchase extended validity to up to 2 years.

  • send EXP1 to 28882 for 1 year cost RM 30
  • send EXP2 to 28882 for 2 years cost RM 50

However you MUST reload a minimum RM 30 (accumulative) within the first 6 months since you subscribe the extended validity package.

RMvalues Analysis

RM 0.28/3 minutes = every minute RM 0.093, it’s very cheap like postpaid call rate, however, the charging block is 3 minutes, mean every call minimum is RM 0.28, so the shorter time you call, the more money you paid.

Validity of mobile internet plan Chat & Social very attractive, it follows the main account validity, very suitable for low usage person, such as me, my home and my workplace have wifi internet, I uses mobile data only during traveling these 2 locations or outstation.

What do you think?

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12 thoughts on “Celcom XPAX24”

  1. hai.. mcm mna nak unsubscribe internet plan rm 10 free 150 MB? sya tak pernah subscribe tp tiba2 celcom bg plan internet tu dan tolak baki kredit saya tanpa permission dr sya. please assist me..

    1. Hi,
      Please dial 1111 to customer service from your celcom number to request cancellation.

      Don’t worry, it’s free. 🙂

      1. Are you sure FREE use to dial 1111 ? Hear carefully before talking to celcom staff from 1111, celcom is the only one which deduct its customers airtime for using customer service.

  2. Asl mcm nie celcom ..sye dh 4 tahun pakai celcom ..tp knapa semakin teruk kali nie..kredit asik ditolak je secara tiba2..talk salf pun x bleh skrg nie..

    1. Please contact Celcom at 1111 from your Celcom prepaid or +603 36308888 or 1300 111 000 for more information as we are not from Celcom.

      Thank you.

  3. Is the Friends and Family of the XPax 24 is no more? I only connects with my family members and friends with SMS and calls.

  4. Knpa xpax24….sblm ni kadar sms2 sen….dh jd 15sen….cmna nk dptkan kadar sms murah….klu cmni ..kn tukar line lain la plak…

  5. Celcom sekarang nih semakin terukk plak..knpe SMS dicaj 0.15 sen sedangkan dulu 0.02 sen sahajaaa.. Hari hari topup,banyak benda lagi nak Jena bayarrr…adoiiii….

  6. Before this i send a SMS only RM0.02.. why now you charge RM0.15 /SMS.. a CALL also same.. Before this in 3minutes only RM0.28.. why now you charge 1minutes RM0.30.. i hope celcom change back to a old plan. I think i want to change to other device.

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