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Celcom First Postpaid Plans


Celcom First is the only plan among the market that give the customer extra call and sms/mms usage or internet data, based on their usage, Celcom will auto allocate either optimiser call & sms or optimiser internet data.

Celcom First

Plan First One First Basic 85 First Elite
Monthly RM 68 RM 85 RM 235
Bundled Usage
Call (All Networks) 60 minutes 100 minutes 200 minutes 200 Minutes
Charging Block 30 seconds
SMS (All Networks) 60 SMS 100 SMS 200 SMS 200 SMS
Internet Data 2 GB 2 GB 3 GB 3 GB
Celcom WiFi N/A 2 GB 3 GB 3 GB
Optimiser Call & SMS
Call (All Networks) N/A 600 minutes Unlimited N/A
Charging Block N/A 30 seconds N/A
SMS (All Networks) N/A 600 SMS Unlimited N/A
Optimiser Data
Internet Data N/A 3 GB 2 GB N/A
Celcom WiFi N/A 3 GB 2 GB N/A
Other Features
Carry Unused Internet N/A Max 2 GB Max 3 GB Max 3 GB
Exceed Quota Speed throttled 64 kbps
Supplementary Line
N/A First 1+5
Monthly RM 68 RM 85 RM 235

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